Oct 12, 2022 / Notizie

Cori Comes to Copenhagen

On the 17th of November, during the “Week of Italian Cuisine in Copenhagen”, The Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen will promote an event to celebrate the brotherhood between the Italian hamlet Cori and Denmark.

For more than 20 years, a “brotherhood” has existed between Denmark and a small Italian community in Southern Lazio, the historical town of Cori. Close bonds between Cori and Denmark have been tied by Danes buying houses in Cori, and agricultural products of high quality from the area have been exported and sold in Denmark for several years.

Many cultural and artistic impulses have developed as a result of this “brotherhood” between Cori and Denmark: Danish musicians, painters, theater people, and academicians have brought their impulses to Cori and enriched the cultural life there, and the same artists have taken important stimuli back home from their stay in Cori, – one of Italy’s oldest towns with a centuries-old, rich cultural and artistic heritage.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen is happy to present some of the results of this cultural “brotherhood” during the “Week of Italian Cuisine in Copenhagen”.

The book “Cori – La storia, i tesori ed un ritratto minimo” by the art historian Piero Manciocchi is a beautiful volume of more than 300 pages, in both Italian and English, with 300 photographs by the author, presenting Cori and its monuments, history and cultural heritage. The book, which is translated into English by the Dane Sverre Rødahl and the American Deirdre Hallman, will be presented during the event.

  • November 14-20:

An exhibition with photos by the Corese Piero Manciocchi and paintings by Anders Moseholm who owns a house in Cori will be shown.

  • November 17:

You will be invited to learn about the recently published “Companion Guide to Cori” by Sverre Rødahl, a Danish theater director who lives in Cori. It contains a four-part stroll through the streets and squares of historical Cori, presenting monuments from Roman times, medieval times, Renaissance and our own times. Moreover, the Danish actress and storyteller Vigga Bro, who lived in Cori for many years, will tell stories that illustrate her life in Cori. Finally, at the end of the day, the event will also offer moments dedicated to Cori’s typical local products.

The detailed program of the event is the following:

15.00: Masterclass by the Corese Catullo Manciocchi: “Notions and techniques in Olive Oil Tasting”

18.00: Presentation of the guide “Companion Guide to Cori” by Sverre Rødahl

20.00: Tasting of typical local products from Cori will be offered


To participate in the Masterclass, please contact Catullo Manciocchi at catulloman@gmail.com 

To enroll for the event, please write an email to Sverre Rødahl at sverrerodahl@gmail.com.

The deadline is on the 10.11.2022.


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